Sentinel Offender Services has been a trusted partner of community corrections, courts and law enforcement since 1993. Sentinel has a rich history of innovation and pioneered the offender-funded monitoring model that is now used extensively throughout the United States. For more than 20 years Sentinel has focused on one goal: Reducing recidivism rates through comprehensive monitoring and effective supervision of offender populations. Sentinel’s continued growth and success can be attributed to its breadth of experience and its ability to consistently deliver world-class customer service, innovative products and programs and creating effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients and the communities they serve.

As part of that service offering, Sentinel offers a number of comprehensive alcohol monitoring technologies for use with those participants that have court-mandated regular or random alcohol testing. And, like our comprehensive drug testing programs, our state-of-the-art alcohol monitoring programs were designed to ensure participant accountability while keeping them alcohol-free and on the path to recovery. Sentinel offers two types of state-of-the-art alcohol testing hardware:

Sentinel Alcohol Monitoring Services

When used with SentinelDNA, proprietary monitoring software platforms, these hardware solutions allow a supervising agency to conduct real-time alcohol testing on participants. Further, Sentinel’s alcohol testing programs can dramatically impact an agency’s cost-effectiveness and overall efficiency by allowing their limited personnel resources to be utilized for other priorities.

Sentinel can conduct, report and monitor alcohol testing of participants on behalf of the agency —all while operating with strict adherence to the rules, guidelines and oversight of the agency. And regardless of how you choose the delivery of these services, Sentinel’s alcohol testing programs are closely monitored by our 24/7/365 National Monitoring Center.

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