BART (Breath Alcohol Real-Time)

Many law enforcement agencies use Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking to monitor a participant’s movement throughout the community. It can also assist in ensuring that the offender remains within a certain area or out of restricted locations. GPS can be a valuable tool for correctional agencies to monitor their offender population and reduce recidivism.

With BA/RT, Sentinel offers law enforcement agencies significant advantages over other alcohol monitoring devices on the market today:

  • Unlike transdermal units, BA/RT is noninvasive and equipped with a state-of-the-art fuel cell sensor that provides extremely reliable and accurate BrAC readings using empirical sampling data.
  • With its highly portable and lightweight design, BA/RT is a significant improvement over cumbersome tabletop units intended for home use. Tests can be conducted on demand, anywhere, anytime.
  • When a test is conducted, BA/RT guides the participant through an intuitive testing procedure using alphanumeric prompts and multiple color LEDs.
  • BA/RT confirms successful tests with an audible and visual cue. This dramatically reduces the risk of an errant or incomplete test.
  • BA/RT is equipped with a high-resolution camera that captures a color image of the participant as the test is being performed, allowing monitoring staff to accurately verify their identity.
  • BA/RT provides GPS mapping of the participant’s location at the time of the test and provides immediate pass/fail results via cellular network communication.
BART (Breath Alcohol Real-Time) from Sentinel

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