BA/RT from Sentinel represents the next generation in compact, hand-held portable breath alcohol content (BAC) monitoring solutions. This innovative and proprietary alcohol testing device provides law enforcement and community corrections agencies with the ability to execute regularly scheduled and on-demand remote alcohol testing of participants at any time—regardless of where the participant may be traveling through the community. Agencies can schedule these random and on-demand tests through Sentinel’s intuitive web-based monitoring platform.

BA/RT is equipped with a state-of-the-art, deep-lung fuel cell sensor that provides accurate numeric BAC results—0.123 for example —that are universally recognized in U.S. courts. In addition, BA/RT also comes with these additional powerful built-in features:

  • BA/RT provides a time stamp and precise location of the participant at the time of each test through GPS and AFLT triangulation;
  • An LCD display that allows the supervising agency to send one-way text communications to the participant;
  • Cellular technology that allows the reporting of test results in real time via CDMA cellular network—no home landline is required;
  • An acknowledgment button that allows the participant to acknowledge the receipt of text communications/instructions from the supervising agency;
  • A high-resolution digital camera and front-panel lighting that provides a color picture of the participant taking the BAC test that ensures positive identification for each time test taken;
  • BA/RT can be used in conjunction with a radio frequency or GPS program or as a standalone remote breath-alcohol testing unit;
  • Onboard memory can store as many as 1,000 tests in the event of a loss in cellular connectivity. Once BA/RT detects the restoration of cellular connectivity, the unit automatically initiates a call to report stored test results;
  • Low-battery notifications are provided by a combination of audible alerts, LED lights and LCD display messages when the device reaches a low battery-life alert threshold, and;
  • A rechargeable 1800 MAH battery that provides in excess of two days of continuous power to the unit while the participant is out in the community.
BA/RT Alcohol Monitoring Solution
BA/RT (Breath Alcohol Real-Time)

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