BA/RT – BREATH ALCOHOL / REAL-TIME – represents the next generation in compact, hand-held, portable breath alcohol content (BrAC) monitoring solutions. This innovative alcohol testing device provides law enforcement and community corrections agencies with the ability to execute regularly scheduled and on-demand remote alcohol testing of participants.

BA/RT is equipped with a state-of-the-art, deep-lung fuel cell sensor that provides accurate numeric BrAC results.  The participant’s pass/fail BrAC result is based on an agency-defined threshold. BA/RT includes these features:

  • A date and time stamp and precise location of the participant at the time of each test through GPS;
  • A high-resolution digital camera and front-panel lighting that provides a color picture of the participant taking the alcohol test, ensuring positive identification for each test;
  • Cellular technology that allows the reporting of test results in real time via CDMA cellular network;
  • An LCD display that allows the supervising agency to send one-way text communications to the participant;
  • A button that allows the participant to acknowledge receipt of text communications from the supervising agency;
  • Onboard memory that can store as many as 1,500 tests. If the cellular signal is lost, BA/RT will automatically initiate a call to report stored tests once the signal is restored;
  • A rechargeable, 1800 MAH battery that provides in excess of two-days of continuous power; and
  • Low-battery notifications are provided by a combination of audible alerts and LCD display messages.



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