Sentinel’s full-service Case Management Program is a community-based, comprehensive tool that can be used by correctional agencies to simplify the tracking of offenders.

Our locally-based case management staff can effectively assist a supervising agency in their efforts to better manage their offender population. Sentinel’s Case Management Program consists of multiple steps that begin when a participant is initially referred to a program including:

  • Pre-Enrollment
  • Orientation/Intake
  • On-going Compliance Verification
  • Completion
Sentinel's Case Management Program
Sentinel’s Case Management Program helps agencies focus on their priorities—not paperwork.

Throughout the program, we assist with daily tasks that include verifying the participants’ compliance with program rules and regulations. Our case managers handle all scheduling changes, as well as collecting the program fees from the participants while following all agency guidelines and protocols to ensure success.

We developed our case management model to provide a comprehensive, full-service approach that allows our staff to effectively oversee the administrative processes associated with effective offender management. In doing so, our goal is to give the supervising agency more time to focus on participant selection and the enforcement aspects of managing their offender population.

Sentinel has been providing full-service Case Management Programs since 1993, and we can assist you with the following:

  • Daily contact with agency staff
  • Court testimony and meetings with agency staff
  • Attending agency Steering Committee meetings
  • Assessment of program fees and collection of monies due
  • Activity documentation collection for compliance verification
  • GED/educational course placement assistance for offenders
  • Job placement assistance for the offenders
  • All equipment related duties including installation and removal of the equipment and maintenance of the units
  • Alarm processing 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Weekend and after hour field technical response by Sentinel personnel
  • Provision of bilingual personnel for daily participant communication
  • Client schedule changes as approved by the agency

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