With offices in more than 40 states, Sentinel has successfully established a local presence in communities across the nation. Each new Sentinel Success Center actively expands our ability to better serve our customers. If not co-located within the supervising agency, Sentinel’s stand-alone offices are spacious, between 2,000 and 5,000 square feet located near the supervising agency and/or and the participant population.

Services at this one-stop facility include cognitive re-training to counteract anger and domestic violence issues, employment services, drug and alcohol testing (performed on site), electronic monitoring, and financial services such as fine and fee collections. These diverse services are combined in a program designed to help its graduates succeed.

Participants are tested for risk-needs assessment (LSI-R) and educational and vocational aptitude with the Test Adult Basic Education (TABE). Substance abuse issues are scaled by the Addictions Severity Index (ASI). Based on these findings, belief-changing, attitude and behavior modification programs are formulated into an individualized rehabilitation plan. Personal responsibility and accountability traits are encouraged with appropriate rewards and sanctions, discussed with client agency representatives by SSC case managers.

Community-Based Programs
Community-Based Programs Help Mitigate Criminogenic Risk

With proper risk assessment, appropriate behavior-changing programs, correct dosages of treatment, and a properly-motivated, locally-based staff, Sentinel Success Centers are a one-stop resource, providing real solutions using:

  • Criminal Risk Assessments
  • Individualized Behavior Modification Plans
  • Cognitive Behavioral Solutions that Work
  • Appropriate and Prompt Response to Violations
  • Expected and Measurable Outcomes
  • Diversion Centers for Prosecutors
  • Alternative Jail Centers for Sheriffs
  • Misdemeanant Court Services Centers for Judges
  • Probation Services Centers for Probation Officers
  • Reentry/Parole Violation Centers for DOC/Parole

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