Comprehensive Case Management Tools

Our experienced case management staff is based locally to better assist in all phases of a given participant’s probation period. To that end, Sentinel’s case management program consists of multiple steps that begin when an offender is referred to the program: pre-enrollment, orientation/intake, on-going compliance verification and ultimately, completion.

Our case managers handle the entire spectrum of day-to-day activities associated with verifying a participant’s compliance with a program’s specific rules and regulations. Ultimately, it is this rigorous oversight that creates successful outcomes for the participant and the agency.

Features and benefits offered by Sentinel’s full-service case management program:

  • Daily contact with agency staff
  • Preparation of notification reports and notices for the agency
  • Court testimony and meetings with agency staff
  • Attending agency steering committee meetings
  • Assessment of program fees and collection of monies due
  • Activity documentation collection for compliance verification
  • Job placement assistance for the participant
  • All equipment related duties, including installation, removal and maintenance
  • 24/7/365 electronic monitoring alarm processing
  • Weekend and after-hour field technical response by Sentinel personnel
  • Bilingual personnel for daily participant communication
  • Client schedule changes as approved by the agency
SenTrack™ Case Management Software

Sentinel has experience in assuming existing probation and misdemeanant caseloads from previously administered public entities and other private service providers. To do this efficiently and accurately, we have established procedures for successful transfers of existing probationer data into our SenTrak software.

The client server architecture of SenTrack allows a PC running any version of MS Windows to interface with our system. This ensures that client data is at the fingertips of Sentinel staff and authorized court personnel 24/7. Sentinel’s automated processing program also has the ability to interface SenTrack with the recorder’s court software at no cost to the city or court.

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