A key component of Sentinel DNA, our comprehensive offender management platform, is Point Pattern Analysis (PPA). This allows users to analyze a participant’s daily routine and quickly identify deviations that may indicate a compliance violation.

DNA accurately tracks and displays a participant’s location 24/7. PPA can display, in a calendar or map-like format, where an offender should be at all times. PPA tracks which locations the participant actually frequented and the length of the visits. This allows for easy determination between regular stops and deviations.

As shown below in Figure 1, PPA analyzes locations frequented by each participant enrolled in a program. Locations where a participant spends significant periods of time are identified and labeled as known locations and are depicted as such on maps. For ease of review, the corresponding times spent at these locations are depicted on a bar graph. All known locations are identified with a unique color system. New are color-coded in RED. To make the analysis of a participant’s activity easier, DNA allows users to add labels to the locations that a participant visits as part of their daily, weekly or monthly routine (e.g., work, church, counselor’s office, etc.).


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