Many law enforcement agencies across the U.S. use the Global Positioning System (GPS) to monitor and track a participant’s movement throughout their communities. More importantly, GPS monitoring has proven to be a valuable tool to help ensure that a participant remains within a certain area or out of restricted locations thereby reducing recidivism and helping participants stay on the right path back to becoming productive citizens within their community.

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How GPS Monitoring Works

Here’s How Sentinel GPS Monitoring Works

  • The participant is equipped with a GPS tracking device;
  • The GPS device captures latitude and longitude coordinates from a minimum of four satellites. Location data along with the date, timestamp, and rate of travel (speed) are processed;
  • Data is collected by the GPS device and transmitted to our National Monitoring Center via cellular towers;
  • Sentinel’s proprietary Sentrak software determines the device’s location and reports the device’s status, and;
  • Based on a predetermined protocol from the agency, officers are notified if a violation has occurred.

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