We assist agencies with successfully collecting, distributing and reporting program participants’ financial obligations and ensure payment compliance. We developed proven processes and procedures to successfully collect all of the following:

  • Fines, Fees and Restitution – We offer a multi-tiered, prioritized billing system. Our SenTrak database has a unique feature that allows all monies collected to be adjusted and prioritized as ordered by the department.
  • Child Support Collection & Distribution – Sentinel personnel can collect, process and distribute funds directly to the desired recipient.
  • Probation Fees & Collection Assistance – Our staff can work with program participants to ensure compliance with the agreed payments and make adjustments according to the participant’s ability to pay.
  • Electronic Monitoring Fees – For participants on our offender-funded program, we regularly collect all fees. For agency-paid programs, we can assist with payment and issue invoices directly to the participant’s residential address collections.
  • Warrant Recovery – We can collect monies associated with any outstanding warrants and remit any funds directly to department accounts.
  • Call Center After – Hours – Our 24/7 monitoring center can increase contact capabilities by calling program participants at optimal times – after normal working hours and on weekends when participants are actually at home.
  • Inmate Deposit – Our Centurion kiosk can be placed in jails to allow an inmate’s family to deposit money into the inmate’s personal accounts for use in commissaries and other non-cash facilities.

For more information about any of our products or services, please contact Sentinel directly at Sales@SentinelAdvantage.com or by calling (800) 589-6003.