Electronic Monitoring

Sentinel offers a full continuum of electronic home monitoring equipment, including multiple options for check-in verifications such as Kiosks, alcohol monitoring, radio frequency monitoring, and passive/active GPS tracking, each supported by a web-based information exchange.

Domestic Violence

All of these solutions are monitored from Sentinel’s state-of-the-art National Monitoring Center and are supported by secure, web-based software platforms that provide a convenient way to exchange data with the supervising agency.

 Alcohol Monitoring

Sentinel offers a number of comprehensive alcohol monitoring platforms that allow supervising agencies to conduct real-time and passive alcohol testing on participants. These include:

 Substance Abuse Monitoring

Sentinel provides drug testing services to participants with court-ordered regular or random drug testing. Sentinel provides 5-, 6- or 12-panel drug testing and lab confirmation of positive results with proper chain of custody procedures.

Voice Verification

Voice verification programs are traditionally used for low-risk program participants, in-house arrest, and curfew compliance. When a participant checks in over the phone the time and date are recorded and tracked.  The system can call out to the participant or the participant can call in.

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