24/7/365 National Monitoring Center

Sentinel’s National Monitoring Center provides 24-hour enhanced alert monitoring and officer support 365 days a year. Our Monitoring Center personnel oversees all of Sentinel’s software platforms, complementing automated and live notification alerts that include direct contact with the participant or agency.

Based on agency and contract specifications, our staff can assist with verifying violations and identifying likely causes. Our Monitoring Center will also aid agencies in completing participant enrollments, creating or editing curfew schedules, creating and managing GPS zones, and initiating alcohol tests.

Our Monitoring Center Personnel

  • Monitor all alerts and violations in real time (including holidays)
  • Provide diagnostic assistance
  • Troubleshoot equipment and software
  • Assist users with all aspects of electronic monitoring
  • Are available by phone, email, and fax
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Bilingual

Sentinel Help Desk

The Sentinel Help Desk provides high-level technical support and advanced troubleshooting to agencies during peak business hours. Sentinel’s Help Desk personnel are able to support agencies with all aspects of the program to ensure a smooth operation.

The Help Desk establishes all contract implementation and notification procedures per agency specifications before program launch. Our staff maintains all user information to ensure accurate and secure alert processing and monitoring.

Our team is not only authorized to support customers via phone, email, and fax, but can also provide written documentation analyzing participant activity for internal agency and legal system use.

Additional Help Desk Technician Services

  • Advanced troubleshooting and high-level technical support
  • Expert analysis documentation of electronic monitoring activity
  • Report creation and analysis
  • Creation and maintenance of custom agency profiles and notification procedures based on customer requirements
  • User assistance with logins, passwords, enrollments, and alert processing information
  • Inventory management: orders and returns processing, inventory allocation, and lost/ damaged/stolen equipment

For more information about any of our products or services, please call Sentinel at 800.589.6003 or email us at Sales@SentinelAdvantage.com.