We know that being a value-added partner for courts can have a lasting, positive outcome on their efforts to rehabilitate offenders—all while helping them become more effective and cost efficient.

That insight has allowed us to partner with judges and courts to develop innovative solutions for:

  • Shrinking budgets, overcrowded dockets, and offenders who fail to comply with court orders;
  • Limited methods to garner compliance from offenders who violate court orders during both pretrial and post-sentence (exacerbating law enforcement and court backlogs with re-arrests for probation or bond release violations);
  • A steady decline in resources over the last decade has adversely affected the ability for many probation departments to effectively supervise offenders, return violators to courts, and collect fines and fees (collection rates are below 20 percent in many jurisdictions);
  • Repeat offenders with a history of anger management issues, substance abuse, domestic violence violations, or other behavioral issues that are struggling to transition back into the community, and;
  • The lack of access to programs that offer effective alternatives to jail, forcing courts to rely on county jails to sanction low-risk non-compliant offenders.

Effective services to meet these challenges can lessen dockets, minimize court order violations, enhance collections, and reduce recidivism. Courts that address these challenges can meet community expectations more consistently and create greater appreciation and respect for their efforts.

We believe that in order to be more effective, judges and their courts need

  • A partner that can reliably and effectively assist the court with all essential offender program services;
  • A partner who understands offenders and can hold them accountable while providing effective behavioral change programs;
  • Pretrial programs that manage offenders to keep the community safe and help ensure they return to court;
  • Monitoring programs that provide safe, proven alternatives to jail for nonviolent and low-risk offenders;
  • Reliable electronic monitoring products and services that can ensure curfew compliance and keep offenders off the streets during high-risk periods;
  • A consistent and systematic method to ensure compliance with court orders and an immediate follow-up system for violators, and;
  • Community sentencing options that offer real assistance to probation violators, and community programs that confront the basic issues that contribute to criminal behavior (i.e., substance abuse, unemployment, aggressive/violent behaviors, antisocial attitudes/beliefs, poor decision-making skills, substandard education, etc.)

Sentinel Success Centers

Where Partnerships and Innovation Come Together

The Sentinel Success Centers are a product of our partnerships with judges to develop innovative solutions for the challenges facing our court systems. Each community-based Success Center is designed to provide courts with services and personnel to more effectively manage, treat, and supervise offenders that pass through their court systems.

Success Center employees are hired from the local community and trained to deliver evidence-based supervision and treatment programs. Sentinel incurs all program start-up and ongoing operational costs.

The Center collects, manages, and disburses all court ordered fines, fees, and restitution payments. Our staff enforces court orders and makes offenders accountable for their actions via intensive supervision services, including drug and alcohol testing, curfew compliance, daily check-ins, employment verification, electronic monitoring, and GPS tracking.

Success Centers provide a series of risk- and need-assessment instruments that allow us to determine the “community risk level” the offender presents. From there, we provide the specific training and treatment services required to safely remain in the community.

Sentinel Success Centers Offer Court-Related Services
  • Supervision services:
    • Alcohol and drug testing
    • Electronic monitoring
    • Direct intensive case management contacts
  • Evidence-based treatment services and cognitive behavioral programs that target offender risks and needs:
    • Moral Reconation Therapy
    • Anger management
    • Domestic violence treatment
    • Substance abuse education
      Relapse prevention programs
  • Employment and education services that help participants maintain a crime-free lifestyle
  • Financial services to ensure all court fines, fees, and restitution are accounted for and collected, often paid for by the offender or subsidized by the referring agency for indigents or high-needs offenders who cannot pay for intensive services.

Sentinel Success Centers: A Partnership that Benefits Courts, Communities, and Participants

  • Sentinel Success Centers provide programs for probation violators, sentenced misdemeanant offenders, high-risk pre-trial defendants and drug court clients;
  • Success Centers have effectively reduced the number of victims of crime and associated costs of those crimes, creating safer communities and fewer victims;
  • Success Centers have a proven track record of lowering expenses for prosecution, law enforcement and incarceration, creating a more effective and efficient court system, and;
  • Sentinel Success Centers keep fees reasonable for participants while providing proven behavioral interventions that enhance the lives of participants and their families.

For more information about any of our products or services, please call Sentinel at 800.589.6003 or email us at Sales@SentinelAdvantage.com.