Partnering with Law Enforcement

Sentinel offers one of the broadest portfolios of products and services in the criminal justice industry for offender management. When case management, GPS tracking, house arrest monitoring, drug and alcohol testing, fees management, positive behavioral modification programs delivery, day reporting centers, and even fees collection are combined, they provide the most complete and powerful set of services and support available to law enforcement agencies.

Since 1993, Sentinel Offender Services has supported law enforcement agencies across the country.

We are a trusted partner. We pioneered participant-funded programs. This saves taxpayers real dollars.  Our professional staff conducts personalized, detailed, assessments of each participant.  Each participant only pays what they are able to pay; there are no exorbitant fees.

Every service available through Sentinel can be offered in the offender-funded model.

This no-cost to your jurisdiction approach provides your maximum flexibility.  Each agency, each locality can decide what is best for them.  Sentinel then executes the programs based on your local rules, your guidelines; your strict oversight.


Full-service case management is a community-based program.  By using a comprehensive set of tools and services,  corrections and law enforcement agencies simplify and streamline the responsibility of tracking offenders.

Professional case management staff work on-site with clients.  This enables them to better understand the needs of each client.  The program is deployed through a consistent model.  The process includes pre-enrollment, orientation and intake, on-going compliance verification and management to completion. Case managers handle all day-to-day tasks associated with verifying compliance. This rigorous oversight creates successful outcomes for the participant and the supervising agency.


Electronic monitoring (EM) has proven to be an effective alternative to incarceration. Low- and medium-risk offenders are released from prison on the condition that they comply with the terms of the EM program. For more than 20 years Sentinel has delivered complete solutions to support the management of returning offenders.  We offer the most comprehensive set of EM products, technology, and services on the market today. Whether the need is GPS-tracking, house arrest or curfew management, Sentinel offers the right solution.

All of these solutions are monitored from Sentinel’s state-of-the-art 24/7/365 National Monitoring Center and are supported by secure, web-based software platforms that provide convenient way to exchange data with the supervising law enforcement agency.

Sentinel's 24/7/365 National Monitoring Center for Electronic Monitoring


Traditional sentencing sanctions have not been particularly effective against people caught driving while impaired (DWI) and less so against repeat offenders. The most prevalent sanctions imposed against people convicted of driving while impaired are incarceration, community service, fines, and license suspension. These sanctions have been an effective deterrent for many types of crimes but evidence shows them to be less effective for DWI offenders. Sentinel has been at the forefront of developing technology that has provided judges with more effective and—at the same time—more cost-effective sentencing options.

Sentinel offers a number of comprehensive alcohol monitoring platforms that allow supervising agencies to conduct real-time and passive alcohol testing on participants. These include

Like all Sentinel programs, our alcohol testing platforms are also monitored by our National Monitoring Center.

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