Sentinel offers a full range of probation services geared to meet the specific needs of any agency.

Sentinel’s continuum of services range from basic probation supervision to house arrest and electronic monitoring. The majority of our work focuses on providing probation services that are designed to monitor a participant’s compliance with court-ordered mandates. These supervision programs can help agencies alleviate caseloads and reduce budgets.

Our trained staff can handle all aspects of probation management including:

    Defendant enrollment and orientation interviews.
    Establishment of required documents, intermediate progress updates, and completion deadlines.
    Timely, adverse action in accordance with program guidelines.
    Enhanced collection of court ordered fines, fees, and restitution payments.

Sentinel encourages a systematic approach to offender supervision that fits program participants with strategies and technologies best suited to their needs. While some participants fit into the basic tools of probation supervision, we also offer enhanced supervision tools like electronic house arrest, GPS tracking, alcohol monitoring, rehabilitation courses, and vocational/educational services.

The tools, resources, and experience of our staff allows us to adjust our methods and programs to the specific needs, demands, and expectations presented by the courts and agencies we serve. We presently contract with more than 100 courts, supervise over 25,000 misdemeanor probationers, and provide electronic monitoring for more than 35,000 offenders.

For more information about any of our products or services, please contact Sentinel directly at or by calling (800) 589-6003.