Sentinel customers benefit from one of the most comprehensive portfolios of products, services, and programs available in the criminal justice industry.

Every day, law enforcementcommunity corrections agencies, and courts use our products to manage thousands of program participants and help them stay on the path to a better life.

Sentinel Product Offering


SentinelDNA™ is our state-of-the-art, web-based monitoring and tracking software application that allows law enforcement and corrections agencies to conduct all of their monitoring functions in real-time. This powerful software solution integrates fully with all proprietary Sentinel RF, GPS tracking and alcohol monitoring equipment and includes customizable features and benefits not found in other monitoring application solutions.

RF Patrol

The RF Patrol system for home confinement has become the industry standard for radio frequency (RF) monitoring. RF Patrol is an effective solution for curfew management. The compact design makes it the choice for hundreds of probation, parole, and corrections agencies across the country.

GPS Monitoring

GPS monitoring has proven to be a valuable tool to help ensure that a participant remains within a certain area or out of restricted locations thereby reducing recidivism and helping participants stay on the right path back to becoming productive citizens within their community. Sentinel offers a number of GPS monitoring and tracking solutions that can provide active-, passive, or hybrid-tracking capabilities.

Alcohol Monitoring

Alcohol monitoring technologies are now providing valuable alternative sentencing options to courts, law enforcement and community corrections agencies. We strongly believe that the use of alcohol monitoring technologies—like those offered by Sentinel—can reduce recidivism rates by providing a way for participants to regain their footing on the path back to a normal life while meeting their court-mandated supervision requirements.

Domestic Violence

It is all too common for released domestic violence offenders to return and attack their victims-often times with devastating results. Protection orders alone may not be enough to prevent an offender from re-assaulting a targeted individual. Sentinel can assist survivors of domestic violence in their efforts to avoid repeat assaults through our innovative Domestic Violence Monitoring (DVM) Program.

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