Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Every day, law enforcement and community corrections agencies across the country use Sentinel products to manage thousands of program participants to improve reentry success.

Offender Management Platform

SentinelDNA™ is the intelligent offender management platform with advanced analytics.  The always-on solution allows law enforcement and corrections agencies to conduct all monitoring functions from a single screen in real-time. Every aspect of case management can be accessed and managed through this platform.

RF Home Monitoring

The RF Patrol system for home confinement has become the industry standard for radio frequency (RF) monitoring. RF Patrol is an effective solution for curfew management and house arrest. The efficient design and accurate monitoring makes it the choice for hundreds of probation, parole, and corrections agencies across the country.

GPS Location Monitoring

Location monitoring using global positioning satellites – GPS – provides corrections agencies a proven tool to manage offenders in the community. For more than 26 years Sentinel has provided leading-edge GPS monitoring and tracking technology.

Alcohol Monitoring

Alcohol monitoring technologies provide a valuable alternative sentencing option to courts. When used with case management and proper supervision this can help reduce recidivism rates. Participants regain their footing on the path back to life in the community while meeting their court-mandated requirements.

Domestic Violence Monitoring

Sentinel’s Domestic Violence Notification program gives targeted victims extra peace of mind and serves as a valuable tool for law enforcement to better enforce protection orders and victim safety. Advanced GPS monitoring technology tracks the location of the offender and alerts the victim and/or law enforcement if they get too close.


Powerful data analytics within the offender management platform allows users to quickly identify deviations from routine participant travel patterns to zero in on potential compliance violations.

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