Law enforcement agencies have been using to radio frequency (RF) monitoring hardware and platforms to monitor and enforce low-level offenders on curfew or house arrest orders for more than 20 years.

This reliable and effective alternative to incarceration uses an ankle-worn transceiver and a home monitoring unit to monitor the presence or absence of the participant within their home. Once the RF Technology is activated, agencies will know when a participant is home or has left their residence.

Sentinel’s RF platforms, like most in the industry, are straightforward two-piece solutions that work as follows

  • Participant is fitted with an ankle-worn transceiver that emits encrypted RF signals.
  • The RF home monitoring unit is placed in a participant’s home and communicates with to our National Monitoring Center via landline or cellular network.
  • Once the home monitoring unit and ankle device are linked together, an electronic tether is created between the two devices. The home monitoring unit receives an RF signal when participant is home and within the range of the unit.
  • The home monitoring unit communicates with Sentinel’s National Monitoring Center  at regularly scheduled intervals to verify the unit is working properly and there are no problems.
  • If the participant goes out of range or tampers with the home monitoring unit, it sends an immediate alert to Sentinel’s National Monitoring Center.
  • National Monitoring Center personnel notify officers that a violation has occurred based on predetermined protocols from the supervising agency.

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