The RF Patrol™ electronic monitoring system from Sentinel is one of the most widely and most reliable electronic home monitoring units on the market today.

The system is comprised of a non-removable radio ankle transceiver and a home-based monitoring unit.

RF Patrol is effective for home confinement monitoring. The ankle transceiver and home monitoring unit continuously communicate with one another to monitor the participant. The home monitoring unit communicates directly with Sentinel’s 24/7/365 National Monitoring Center to report the participant’s location.

The technology supports remote and tight supervision by corrections agents and solid recovery for the offender.   The System automatically checks the offender ‘in and out’ as they enter and exit their home. Their assigned corrections agency receives notification at regular intervals. The unit will send an alert if the offender leaves outside of permitted hours.

With its simple, durable, and highly cost-effective design, RF Patrol is the monitoring solution of choice for hundreds of agencies across the country. The PTX2 transceiver is water resistant and features a hypoallergenic tamper-resistant fiber-optic ankle strap and a built-in extended-life battery.

Available in landline and cellular models, the home monitoring unit can monitor up to 50 transceivers. It is an ideal solution for supervising participants co-located in municipal day-release programs, halfway-houses or group housing.

RF Patrol is the feature-rich solution that has become the industry standard for RF monitoring.

The PTX2 Transceiver features:
  • Small, lightweight durable ankle-worn transceiver
  • Tamper sensing fiber-optic strap for increased security
  • Built-in extended-life battery
  • Hypoallergenic outer materials
  • LED light to assist with proper installation
The RF Patrol Home Monitoring Unit features:
  • Easy to read front panel LCD
  • Built-in backup battery
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Anti-tamper and motion sensing technology
  • Landline or cellular model availability

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