Monitoring offenders with electronic devices has been around for over 30 years. The RF Patrol™ can do it all: home confinement, curfew management, house arrest, home detention, home incarceration, and tethering. RF Patrol is among the most reliable and complete radio frequency (RF) home monitoring systems on the market.  Its simple and durable design makes it the monitoring product of choice for hundreds of probation, parole, community corrections, and law enforcement agencies across the country.

Using radio frequency technology, a single officer can tether dozens of program participants at the same time. Every participant has their own home zone. Each “in and out” is logged. An alert can be sent to the supervising officer when a participant enters and exits their home zone. All activity is recorded and reported.

RF Patrol consists of a tamper-resistant ankle radio transceiver and a home monitoring unit (HMU). The transceiver and HMU continuously communicate when the participant is in their home zone. All activity data is automatically tracked.

 PTX2 Transceiver features:

Small, lightweight durable ankle-worn transceiver

Tamper sensing fiber-optic strap for increased security

Built-in extended-life battery

Hypoallergenic outer materials

LED light to assist with proper installation

 Home Monitoring Unit features:

Easy to read front panel LCD

Built-in backup battery

Non-volatile memory

Anti-tamper and motion sensing technology

Landline or cellular model availability

The HMU can monitor up to 50 transceivers. It’s ideal for supervising participants co-located in day-release programs, halfway-houses or group housing.

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