Monday, May 6, 2019 marked the grand opening of the Meriden, Connecticut branch office. Approximately 30 members of the Connecticut Judicial Branch, Court Support Services Division and Connecticut Department of Administrative Services attended. The new office will provide dispatch and inventory control services, and coordinate our field service team. This new location further demonstrates our commitment to this customer and the entire state of Connecticut. One more thing to know about these and all of our branch offices:
Every Sentinel office is both identical and unique.

ONE OF THE STRATEGIC INITIATIVES for Sentinel Offender Services this year is to get closer to our customers by delivering more products and services from local community-based offices. We are pleased to report we are archiving this initiative by opening three new Sentinel field office locations across the country.

Beginning in January, we opened the Riverside County field office in the heart of downtown Riverside, California. From this location we serve the Courts, Adult Probation, and the Sheriff’s Department with alcohol monitoring, GPS, RF and case management services.

In April, the Fairfield County, Ohio office went live! As is the case in many of our offices across the country we are co-located with our customer in the county jail. As we have built the partnership into a true win-win relationship we have expanded our services to include Municipal Court, Juvenile Probation and the Court of Common Pleas. Products and services include GPS tracking, installation, removal services, and alcohol monitoring.

•Identical because of our commitment to quality management processes that are ISO 9001:2015 Certified. This ensures a customer will be satisfied, no matter where in the country they do business with Sentinel.

•Unique because the products, services, and programs delivered at each location are customized to meet the needs of the local population. Some offices only offer GPS, others installation and retrieval services, while some operate full-service Day Reporting Centers. Whatever their requirement, Sentinel will customize our offering to meet the needs of our customer.

Please welcome all of the new team members in Riverside, Fairfield and Meriden to the Sentinel team! They are all welcome additions to the Sentinel family, delivering on our commitment to exceptional
customer service.