Our Centurion Self-Service Kiosk allows program participants to perform monthly check-ins and submit court-ordered fees to facilitate compliance with their sentence. In addition, program participants can pay fines, fees and restitution at the innovative self-service kiosks.

Sentinel’s Centurion Kiosk service allows payments to be made 24/7/365 from remote locations with cash, credit and debit cards. All transactions are processed and updated in our SentinelDNA database in real time. Kiosks can be placed in courts, probation and parole offices, sheriff stations, and Sentinel field offices.

Centurion Kiosks can also be used to provide services for correctional agencies. The Kiosk platform is powered by our proprietary SentinelDNA offender database, which allows them to easily be used as part of any of Sentinel’s case management programs.

Sentinel Centurion Self-Service Kiosk


  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Touchscreen-driven applications
  • Step-by-step audio instructions in multiple languages
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple set-up and installation
  • Kiosk technology is available in our offender-funded and agency-paid programs


Banked Caseload Programs

For banked caseload situations, the kiosk can replace less efficient mail-in formats where probationers are required to submit monthly mail-in vouchers. Our kiosks exceed this model by fulfilling offender requirements through check-ins at the kiosk. Fingerprint identification technology on kiosks verify each offender’s identity as needed. Agencies are notified of failures to report on the same business day. This allows for a quicker response time by compliance officers.

Collection of Fees and Fines

The kiosk is equipped with a credit card and bill acceptor features that allow the unit to collect payments from participants. Using our SentinelDNA database platform and a secure Internet connection, the offender’s financial records are automatically updated upon receiving any authorized form of payment. The kiosk can collect payments on behalf of agencies for court fines, fees and victim resolution. All transactional and financial data can be uploaded to the agency system at any time.

Inmate Deposits

For jail facility applications, the kiosk can be used to collect inmate deposits. When located in a jail lobby, an inmate’s family member or loved one can make deposits to the inmate’s commissary account through the kiosk. The kiosk is a truly automated system that can operate 24 hours a day, which is beneficial when inmate relatives cannot visit the jail cashiers during normal business hours due to employment or other obligations.

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