SentinelDNA is the intelligent offender management platform with advanced analytics providing single-screen access to our comprehensive set of products and services.

SentinelDNA allows you to monitor all aspects of program participation from any device.  Users can create customized dashboards to quickly review compliance, GPS tracking data, and a myriad of management reports.  Utilize the Case Management module and experience the efficiency of the officer Field Verification module, Inventory Management module and the process for recording drug test results, participant payments and court ordered program requirements.

Advanced Data Analytics brings offender management to the next level. Officers know when an offender deviates from known locations, for how long and where they visited. Early intervention can then help maintain participant compliance and improve program outcomes.

Make faster, better and more well-informed decisions with SentinelDNA. It’s at the core of what we do.


SentinelDNA offers an easy to use, intuitive user interface that makes monitoring individuals or groups straightforward. Users can quickly adjust compliance schedules, manage participant records and recognize program compliance in real time.


The dashboard provides an overview that can be filtered to meet the user’s needs with just a mouse click.  Smartphone accessible, SentinelDNA is convenient, with anytime, anywhere access. Monitor participants and update their case files in the office or on the road.


Point Pattern Analysis with Advanced Analytics tracks and analyzes a participant’s daily travel routine and quickly identifies deviations that may lead to a program violation. Users can label locations that a participant routinely visits.


Record the complete and accurate record of officer-participant contact with the Field Verification module for SentinelDNA. Field officers can efficiently verify and document real time interactions with participants using a smartphone, collecting GPS location data, device status and field notes – all in one, easy to use module.


Comprehensive Inventory Management allows you to order equipment or consumables and generate return merchandise authorizations (RMAs) conveniently from the platform.


To help with large caseloads users can implement the Case Management module. Integrated into the monitoring platform, Case Management allows officers to quickly document program conditions, record participant payments, attach and save court documents, update drug test results, schedule office visits and generate participant compliance reports.

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