UniTrak is an ankle-worn GPS tracking device that comes complete with a tamper-resistant fiber optic hypoallergenic strap. Equipped with a 48-channel GPS receiver for improved point acquisition and precise location identification, UniTrak communicates over cellular networks that offer dependable nationwide coverage.

UniTrak comes standard with a host of features that include LED notification lights, vibrating motor, onboard memory, and the latest in tamper alert technology. It also includes Sentinel’s patented built-in redundant radio frequency (RF) technology for enhanced tracking while the participant is at home.

When the participant is home, UniTrak functions as a reliable RF monitoring unit that continuously communicates the participant’s location to Sentinel’s 24/7/365 National Monitoring Center via a Sentinel home monitoring unit. This eliminates the potential for GPS drift when the participant is home.

When utilizing an HMU with UniTrak, drift point s are eliminated without the use of home zones. Further, if the GPS reception is less than optimal, UniTrak devices are equipped with Advanced Forward Link Trilateration (AFLT) as a secondary tracking system.

Sentinel UniTrak3-Device Call Outs

In addition, UniTrak is chock full of features that make it the industry standard for RF enhanced monitoring:

  • Active, passive and hybrid tracking GPS from a single device
  • Redundant RF home monitoring option
  • AFLT cellular technology
  • Includes onboard vibration motor
  • Communication via wireless networks
  • Rugged, water-resistant, lightweight design
  • Innovative “easy-click” installation that requires no tools

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