For minimum risk participants, Sentinel developed the Voice Patrol™ platform, an innovative and effective voice verification solution to meet step-down or reduced supervision needs.

The Voice Patrol platform is an electronic monitoring program that uses voice verification technology to verify the presence of an individual at a specified location or locations.

Unique features of the Voice Patrol solution include

Accurate Identification

Identifies imposters 99.2 percent of the time, distinguishes between identical twins and positively verifies participants with a cold.

Multiple Monitoring Methods

Allows agencies to select and edit scheduled, random or on-demand verifications on a per participant basis.

Smart System Technology

Improves the quality of each participant’s voice template with each successful verification call, increasing verification accuracy throughout a participant’s monitoring term.

Supports Calls In & Out of the System

Supports both inbound and outbound verification calls which can accommodate a variety of schedules and time windows.

Customize Monitoring

Supports the delivery of customized voice announcements, messages and prompts specific to agency’s needs on a per participant basis including the ability to require either a numeric response or voice response from the participant.

No Busy Signals

Access to multiple authorized call-in phone numbers from Sentinel’s established bank of verification phone lines or allows agencies to request a dedicated line(s) for its participant population.

Multiple Language Capability

Ability to monitor participants in multiple languages including English and Spanish.

 Message Capability

Capability for participants to leave messages within the verification system for playback via web browser.

Web-Based Interface

Web-based interface allows agencies to check the status of a participant with a simple Internet connection.

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