Amid all of the unpredictability in the world today, the Sentinel team continues to deliver high-quality customer service. We are proud of the work that every employee does to help customers succeed. We are especially proud of those listed below, the highest of high-achievers on our team.

Employee of the Year 2019:   John Gonzalez

John Gonzalez made a positive impact across many Sentinel teams throughout the year. His contributions include:

  • Taking over as Floor Trainer in the National Monitoring Center to help improve the skills of the team
  • Going onsite to Miami, FL to assist with system and software support in critical situations
  • Making several trips to San Francisco, CA to deliver training and help ensure the new implementation was successful
  • Spending time in Charlotte, NC to support cross-location inventory balancing to meet critical equipment needs
  • Teaming up with Equipment Services to ensure equipment made its way quickly in and back out to customers
  • Working as needed, day or night, during key shifts to make sure the National Monitoring Center had adequate coverage

In his own words:

Sentinel has provided me with a plethora of experiences. I have learned that if you come into a situation with an open mind you never know the outcome. It may seem negative at first but if you push through to the positive, you learn a lot about yourself.

Sentinel helps make communities safer, supporting government officials and offenders. I learn a lot about participants’ lives and how we help them transition back into the community. Being a trainer gives me a chance to influence Monitoring Center operators to be respectful and positive in interactions with clients, helping improve societal behaviors.

I aspire to do great things in life. One day I plan to own a successful business.   

John Gonzalez

John’s work stood out for his support of many Sentinel teams throughout the year.

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November 2019

Marsella Amador, Case Manager
Riverside, California

Marsella has made important contributions to the success of our fast-growing Riverside office. Originally hired as office manager, she is now lead case manager and leads a team of four. She is been effective at managing inventory and recovering lost items. Marsella took the initiative to help decorate the Riverside office, creating one of the most aesthetically pleasing Sentinel branch offices in the country.

In her own words:

Sentinel has taught me a customer service attitude. People don’t always have a great attitude but I have learned how to diffuse situations when they escalate. I really enjoy working for Sentinel because I get to see a person change from the time they come in to the time they finish a program.

I love spending time with my son, going to the mall or Disneyland or just staying home to watch movies. I am a kid at heart and even have a tattoo sleeve of Disney characters!

October 2019

Jessica Hasselbar
San Diego, California


Jessica was recognized for her excellent work with our San Francisco branch office.


In her own words:

My team makes working at Sentinel amazing. We have a close bond and support each other every day on the job and outside of the job. 

Outside of work I spend time with family and friends, with my dog and I travel as much as possible. Listening to music while driving on the open road is one of my favorite things to do lately. 

September 2019

Antonio Enciso, Help Desk Technician
Anaheim, California

Antonio didn’t hesitate to go beyond his normal role and travel onsite to support the San Francisco office start-up. He joined Sentinel in 2016 as an operator in the Monitoring Center and was promoted to Help Desk Technician in 2019, where he has been a great leader on the team.

In his own words:

Working for Sentinel allows for personal growth, whether it is expanding product knowledge or improving my leadership skills. The teamwork at Sentinel is the most enjoyable aspect of working here.

Outside of work I enjoy going to Disneyland my kids and ‘hunting’ for Funko Pops to add to my collection (ask him about it).

August 2019

Andrew Anderson, Telecom Manager
Anaheim, California

Andrew went above and beyond and was onsite to help with start-up of the new San Francisco branch office. His Sentinel career started in the Monitoring Center weekend graveyard shift in 2016. Through diligent, hard work he has progressed through several roles and is now Sentinel’s Telecom Manager. This allows him to help both customers and fellow employees across the company. He always delivers excellent service.

In his own words:

“Outside of work I’m likely smoking meat on my Traeger or traveling with my girlfriend to hit the slopes snowboarding whenever/wherever there’s snow. This year the big destination goal is Canada, Utah, or Chile.”

July 2019

John Gonzalez, Monitoring Center
Anaheim, California

John has been with Sentinel since 2016 and recently was promoted to Floor Trainer in the National Monitoring Center. He maintained his ‘regular’ job while he went onsite on three occasions to support the critical pre-launch and launch of the new branch office in San Francisco, CA.  Learn more about his contributions above, as Employee of the Year-2019.

In his own words:

I love working with my hands to build, tinker and fix all sorts of stuff. I work on classic cars; my favorites are Mopars and Chevys from the ’60s & ’70s.  I ride my skateboard and bicycle any chance I get. I love nature and beautiful scenery, from rigid mountains to waves crashing on the beach.

June 2019

Chris Moore, Field Technician
Las Vegas, Nevada

Chris has played a large role ensuring the successful first year of Sentinel’s program with the Las Vegas, NV court system. He’s been involved since implementation and assisted with constant evolution. He is a high performer who gets the job done, even while going solo most of the time. His customers have unique needs and preferences that can change quickly and he does what it takes to meet – and exceed – their expectations. He’s built strong relationships by listening, responding with empathy and delivering solutions to challenges as they arise.

In his own words: 

I enjoy traveling with my wife and our twins. During the summer you can catch me at games rooting on my beloved Dodgers or hanging by the beach.

At Sentinel I get to help better the Las Vegas community one participant at a time, making it safer for my children and yours. 


May 2019

Hailey Polonus,  Program Manager
Butte County, California

Hailey began her Sentinel career as an intern serving the Butte County Sheriff Day Reporting Center (DRC) operation.  In short order, she earned the respect of her manager, peers, and, most importantly, customer and is now the DRC Program Manager.  Early on she was faced with the challenge of recruiting two new case managers to support program participants. She managed the hiring and transition process swiftly and smoothly. Hailey exceeds customer expectations. Her primary customer contacts have expressed their high level of satisfaction with her support on several occasions.

In her own words:

“The best thing about working for Sentinel is helping people who need it the most. Helping people overcome their past traumas through the use of MRT (moral reconation therapy) training has been the most gainful part about working with this company.”

April 2019

Cecilia ‘Ceecee’ Salcido,  Training Specialist
Anaheim, California


Ceecee began with Sentinel in 2014 as a Field Installer for L.A. County Probation, was promoted to Monitoring Center Supervisor and promoted again to Training Specialist in September 2018. Her experience in the field and helping clients in the Monitoring Center make her extremely valuable to clients and employees. She is at her best in the most demanding situations. Ceecee does an outstanding job with large and complex customers, where she trains groups in a professional and highly competent manner.

Outside of work you can catch Ceecee at Dodger Stadium, the beach or a coffee shop. She loves exploring new cities and cultures.

In her own words:

“I love working at Sentinel because we are in an industry where the limits are endless. I am beyond grateful to be part of an organization that gives people the opportunity to live a better life. Seeing past technology and realizing what we do and why we do it is the ultimate satisfaction.”

March 2019

Amy Gries,  Branch Manager,  Seattle,  Washington

Amy began with Sentinel in 2014 as a Case Manager and was promoted to Branch Manager in June 2015. She is respected by the court and continuously offers feedback and suggestions for improving daily operations.  Her personal efforts have been instrumental in Sentinel’s successful relationship with the Seattle Municipal Court.

When not at work, Amy can often be found around the house working on projects and playing with ‘Pup’, her three-year-old Pit bull terrier, or outside enjoying the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.

In her own words:

“I enjoy working at Sentinel because it can be interesting and challenging.”

February 2019

Megan Richards, Lead Case Manager, Tacoma, Washington

Megan began her employment with Sentinel as a Case Manager and quickly moved up to Lead Case Manager. She is well liked and respected by the Judges and Court Administrators. Megan led Sentinel’s expansion efforts into District and Superior Courts and prepared our Tacoma operation for an ISO audit.

She is a diehard Seattle sports fan. The guest book at her wedding was a Seahawks jersey – which is proudly displayed at her house. She enjoys spending time with her husband and children. The couple run a support group for veterans. Their goal is to bring awareness to and help end veteran suicide.

In her own words:
“Working at Sentinel, I get to collaborate with many great people on a daily basis. I enjoy working with our participants and helping them throughout their court proceedings and building my skill set within the Criminal Justice field.”

January 2019

Terrell Vernor, Program Manager, Kansas Department of Corrections

Terrell has been a Program Manager since November 2016 and started with Sentinel in August 2011 as an Installer and Equipment Technician.

He is always eager to please and is known for going above and beyond for his customers. Customers love working with Terrell. He has received many letters of commendation and thanks for his exceptional services. Terrell sets high standards for his peers and all Sentinel employees to follow.

In the words of his customer:

“On more than one occasion Terrell has stepped up after hours and come to the rescue of our staff so that we can assure public safety. He works tirelessly for the citizens of the state of Kansas.”


Paula Guardado

Employee of the Year 2018:  Paula Guardado

Paula joined Sentinel as Administrative Assistant in the busy Bellflower office in 2006. She worked her way up to Branch Manager of the LA Downtown office and was promoted to Regional Operation Manager in 2015 and to Director of Branch Operations in 2018. Her dedication to Sentinel has been of vital importance to the growth and success of the company and its customers.

When the LA branch changed locations, Paula worked diligently to coordinate the transferring of hundreds of case files out of the LA office with calmness and professionalism.

October 2018

Matt Alarcon, Case Manager, Canyon County, Caldwell, Idaho

Matt began with Sentinel career as an Equipment Installer in 2011 at the Riverside County location. He transferred to Caldwell, ID in 2017. His is known as an excellent troubleshooter. His analytical skills and attention to detail are extremely valuable. These were especially helpful during the recent implementation of Sentinel DNA. Matt helped to identify system issues and made suggestions for improvement which helped to ensure a smooth and speedy transition.

Outside of work, Matt likes to tinker with electronics, software, and hardware. When not playing video games with his son, he and his wife work on projects around the house. Next on the list: Coffered Ceiling in the living room.

In his own words:

“What I love about working here is the sense of camaraderie within the company. This is definitely a morale booster. Even though there is structure to the job, there is always something new happening to keep things interesting.”

November 2018

Julian Santana, Inventory Specialist, Meriden, Connecticut

Julian began with Sentinel as an Equipment Installer in 2012. His exceptional dedication has been vital to the continued growth and success of the Connecticut program. He has supported other agencies and programs as needed on a moment’s notice.

Julian developed a highly accurate and efficient system for local inventory management. Taking this type of initiative has enabled him to assist in new and different areas of the Connecticut operation.

December 2018

Paula Guardado, Director of Branch Operations, Los Angeles

Paula joined Sentinel as Administrative Assistant in the busy Bellflower office in 2006. She worked her way up to Branch Manager of the LA Downtown office and was promoted to Regional Operation Manager in 2015 and to Director of Branch Operations in 2018. Her dedication to Sentinel has been of vital importance to the growth and success of the company and its customers.

When the LA branch changed locations, Paula worked diligently to coordinate the transferring of hundreds of case files out of the LA office with calmness and professionalism.