We at Sentinel are sad to announce that our dear friend and colleague Wendy Balcom passed away unexpectedly on March 1, 2018.

Wendy, who had been a part of the Sentinel family since 2008, is described by those who knew her best as someone who always saw the bright side of life and had a gift for making those around her smile. A genuinely kind, sweet and caring person, Wendy made a habit of going out of her way to help others regardless of what was going on in her life at the time. She routinely came to the aid of coworkers in need; be it a ride home, getting lunch or even buying Girl Scout Cookies, Wendy was always there for others.

Wendy took great pride in her work and her kindness and caring for others went beyond her coworkers as she was equally beloved by many of Sentinel’s customers with whom she worked daily. She received frequent commendations from officers around the country and many customers called our Monitoring Center and asked for Wendy specifically by name. Her cheerfulness made her a joy to talk to and work with. She will be greatly missed.

Wendy lived in Rancho Santa Margarita where she lived with her son Sam. Her coworkers have come together to raise money to help Sam cover her final expenses. If you would like to support these efforts, please click here to visit Wendy’s GoFundMe donation page.